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Aggregation Platform and Observatory for Regulation connected to the digital world

OrQoEstra is an aggregation platform allowing regulators to collect, archive, process, visualize, log, benchmark, ... all the data and measures necessary for their regulatory activities. Interfaces with measurement tools, databases, survey forms (users) and declarations (operators). Heart of the information system for regulation in the digital world.



Collecte des données

Data collection and storage

Analyse croisée​

Analyse croisée


Accessibilité (Site Web)


QoS and QOE

Aggregation of QoS measurements (Coverage map, DT measurements, etc.). Quality of experience measures.

Les sources de données de tous types (Drive Test, Crowd Sourcing, Compteurs bruts,..) sont agrégées pour une visualisation synthétique de la quantité d’un réseau et son positionnement par rapport à ses concurrents. 



Control, Price Validation and Simulation of packages

The validation of prices, whether ex-ante or ex-post, is done in a completely digital way for better monitoring of exchanges and automation of the control of validation rules.

Verification of the veracity of the application of tariffs for the voice, SMS and date service is the complement of the validation module and allows monitoring through fully automated control campaigns.

Price Comparison

Choice of the best offers (users)

Gives users the possibility to choose the offer best suited to their profile. A Price/Quality indicator is also available with this module.

Comparatif Tarifaire


Aggregation of market statistics

Public display of telecom market statistics with archiving and monitoring of market developments.

The combination with the offers issued makes it possible to assess their impact and to make decisions afterwards.

Traffic control

Traffic volume tracking

Collection of data from billing systems, IN,…..for traffic control.

The module interfaces with revenue assurance or traffic control tools.

Contrôle De Trafic

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Flagship product of SFM, Tariffs Tracker is installed at ten regulators for the control of the tariffs of the services (voice, data, SMS) of the telecommunications networks.

Web and mobile platform for managing regulatory processes, human resources management and documentation. 

QoEntum Mobile is a crowd-sourcing application intended for users to enable them to assess network quality and QoEntum Fixed is an application to assess the quality of data links on a fixed line. 

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